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Sunday, September 30, 2012
Mireille Mathieu (1946-, 1.53 m, my favorite size) - really liked USSR [1], and we like her. Inspirational songs:
Mireille Mathieu (1946-, 1.53 m, my favorite size) - really liked USSR [1], and we like her. Inspirational songs:

Mireille Mathieu - Une Femme amoureuse (1981)
Mireille Mathieu - Une histoire d'amour (Love story) (1971)
Mireille Mathieu - Ciao Bambino, Sorry (1976)
Mireille Mathieu - Sous le ciel de Paris (1994)
Mireille Mathieu sings ABBA Bravo Tu as Gagne
Mireille Mathieu - Der Pariser Tango
Mireille Mathieu - Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant [Dual Subs] (HQ) (1970)
(1970) Mireille Mathieu Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant 

Летом 1967 года Матьё впервые в составе французского мюзик-холла выступила в СССР. Впоследствии она выступила в СССР в 1976 году в гала-концерте на сцене Большого театра, а также в июне 1987 года: двадцать триумфальных аншлаговых концертов в Москве в спорткомплексе "Олимпийский" и в Ленинграде в СКК им.Ленина. Неоднократно приезжала в Россию, уже после распада СССР.
Мирей Матье дала серию концертов прошедшие с большим успехом в 2005, 2008, 2010,  2009 - 2012 гг. М.Матьё - главная приглашенная звезда международного фестиваля военных оркестров "Спасская башня", проводимого на Красной площади в Москве, на фестивале в 2012 году, посвященном 200-летию Отечественной войны 1812 года.
4 ноября 2010 Президентом России Д. А. Медведевым награждена Орденом Дружбы.

[1] Not as much as Marina Vlady (born Екатерина Марина Владимировна Полякова-Байдарова 1938-), who was the President of Association "France-USSR" and who was sitting next to Brezhnev during France Communist Banquet.



Russia - the birthplace of fables (Россия - родина басен) or so I though in the first grade, when...
Russia - the birthplace of fables (Россия - родина басен) or so I though in the first grade, when communist indoctrination continued (after kindergarten) at school in a form of learning by heart fables by Крылов (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Крылов,_Иван_Андреевич). No mention was made that fables existed elsewhere (foreign literature was 8th grade).

In ~5th grade, in Ukrainian literature class we started learning by heart fables by Глібов. They were identical to Крылов's, except in Ukrainian. I was sure it was the same person i.e. "Крылов" in Ukrainian is "Глібов" [1] типа Пушкин ==> Гарматник (i.e. Пушка ==> Гармата).

Marianna Dizik, when in 5th grade, knew it wasn't so and was asking her teacher if Глібов's are translations of Крылов's. The teacher said "no", Глібов came up with identical plots independently, and is in fact better and more "revolutionary". Still no mention was made about any foreign fables.

We both learned about alleged Aesop much later, a lot already in USA. It does not appear that the commies were actually hiding something (Aesop's fables were pro-underclass and anti-establishment), just our teachers (and apparently textbooks) sucked.


[1] as Russian wikipedia says:
Леонид Иванович Глебов (литературный псевдоним "Леонид Глибов")


Marianna Dizik is 5"1' (153 cm, my favorite size) used to weight 93 lb till 2007, making her ineligible to donate...
Marianna Dizik is 5"1' (153 cm, my favorite size) used to weight 93 lb till 2007, making her ineligible to donate blood (must be at least 110 lb). After gaining some muscle mass, she now weighs 110 lb, but still ineligible because she is from Chernobyl area.

Українці – горда нація,
Їм до сраки радіація!

Ukraine is a proud nation,
Not afraid of radiation! 

See also:



Bobak's sausage "Kiszka" with beef blood (Колбаса Кровянка "Кишка").
Bobak's sausage "Kiszka" with beef blood (Колбаса Кровянка "Кишка").

Ingredients (in USA must be listed in the order of decreasing mass):

pork snouts (свиные рыла)
buckweat groats (Гречневая каша)
pork skins (свиная кожа)
pork (свинина)
onions (лук)
water (вода)
beef blood (коровья кровь)
salt, carrots, celery, sugar, garlic
beef casing (коровья кишка)

That's the real stuff! Natural, organic. No pink slime here.


"Romance Anónimo" (Anonymous Romance) is a piece for guitar.
"Romance Anónimo" (Anonymous Romance) is a piece for guitar. Its origins and authorship are currently in question. It is suspected of originally being a solo instrumental guitar work, from the 19th century. The earliest recording of "Romance" is on a cylinder made in Madrid sometime between 1897 and 1901.

Narciso Yepes (Romance Anonimo)
Romance Anonimo II- Shan Zhong
"Jeux interdits" AKA "Romance"

Several vocal versions including lyrics were arranged:

Marie Laforet- Les jeux interdits (& Francoise Hardy)
Francoise Hardy - San Salvador
Mireille Mathieu - Amour Défendu (1977)


Bat-eared (analog of eagle-eyed) Yuri Drozd, noticed (in the comments) that it "very much like" "народний" романс "Нiч яка мiсячна" (приглашение девушки на свидание в лес ночью).

Нiч яка мiсячна В бой идут одни старики

The story of it is amazing as well. Lyrics 1883 Михаил Старицкий. Current music is by an unknown author created nobody-knows-when (earliest notes ~1914, but the earliest known recording ~beginning of summer 1937 обр. Оскар Аронович Сандлер). It's possible that the ukrainian romance was the source of "Romance Anónimo" or vice versa.



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