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Monday, December 10, 2012
Why human ass is so big, especially on women? Gluteus maximus muscle (Большая ягодичная мышца) is typically the...
Why human ass is so big, especially on women? Gluteus maximus muscle (Большая ягодичная мышца) is typically the largest in the body [1].

An obvious (but incorrect) answer is for those exercises people do in a gym for "glutes" - squats, lunges, step-ups, leg press, kicks, jumps, dead-lifts, etc. People were saying that women need large glutes to stand up while pregnant (which is why males prefer it), etc. The nonsense was resolved only when scientists learned to attach electrodes to muscles to measure their exertion.

Turned out, when squatting, etc, glutes are barely exerted. Ditto when walking. It took a while for baffled scientists to find an exercise when glutes are seriously strained. That was [drum roll] - running.

When running, glutes are used fully, to keep the heavy torso upright. It's similar (I think) to why bears have such thick necks (https://plus.google.com/112065430692128821190/posts/HX1fve2ep18)

Apparently men like women who are good at running. I wonder is male bears like females bears with thick necks (should be easy to test).

Note that on a horses, (probably as well as other quadrupeds) glutes are pretty small (http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs25/f/2008/089/b/5/Horse_Muscle_Chart_by_Orcawolf.jpg

See "Born To Run": 

[1] In bodybuilders Latissimus dorsi (Широчайшая мышца спины) is always much larger. In some athletes Quadriceps femoris (Четырёхглавая мышца бедра) is the larger, but it's 4 muscles, not one, just like the name suggests.



Russian Winnie-The-Pooh cartoon [1] with good English subtitles was posted by DigitalDude (0xDD) in 2008.
Russian Winnie-The-Pooh cartoon [1] with good English subtitles was posted by DigitalDude (0xDD) in 2008. Previous versions tried to use Milne's  text, but that didn't work. The videos gathered 3M views, recently showing on Reddit, with people being surprised the Piglet was wielding a double-barrel shotgun muzzleloader, instead of AK-47 (for protection against bears and owls), etc.   

0xDD didn't translate poems though, but I partially did in 1991:

Winnie Pooh, p.1 (rus.+eng. subs)

[1] Soyuzmultfilm trilogy, 1969, 1971, 1972, Directed by Fyodor Khitruk (1917-2019), Screenplay by Fyodor Khitruk and Boris Zakhoder (1918-2000), Music by Moses Weinberg (1919-1996)


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