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Thursday, August 16, 2012
Summer Triangle is a prominent summer asterism, consisting of Vega (Lyra), Altair (Eagle), and Deneb (Swan).
Summer Triangle is a prominent summer asterism, consisting of Vega (Lyra), Altair (Eagle), and Deneb (Swan).


Zeus in a guise of the Swan (check) pretended to be pursued by the Eagle (check), and fell into Leda's arms ostensibly for protection [1]. Hanky-panky ensued, resulting in Leda laying two eggs (swan!) from one of which hatched twins Castor and Pollux (alpha and beta of Gemini) and from another their Heterosygotic Helen of Troy, constellation of Pisces), the ultimate la femme fatale, many men died.

After Eurydice's death and her retrieval from Hades/Persephone fiasco, Orpheus was driven to homosexual pedophilia. Spurned women tore him to shreds, which they threw into the river, together with his golden Lyra (check). Zeus (check) sent an Eagle (check) [1] to retrieve the Lyra (keep the Orpheus) from the river. Vega means Diving [Eagle] in arabic, but mostly is drawn as a Vulture carrying Lyra, because, hey, how many Eagle constellations do we need?

[1] It's the same pet Eagle of Zeus who was pecking Prometheus's liver, until killed with an Arrow (constellation Sagitta, fully contained inside Summer Triangle) by Perseus (eponymous constellation). 

[2]  *Castor and Pollux* are Monozygotic (однояйцевые) identical twins, while Helen of Troy is their Heterozygotic (разнояйцевая) non-identical (different sex) sister.



On the recommendation of SR-71 pilot I met at the 2009 Maker Faire (with other pilots concurring) we watched...
On the recommendation of SR-71 pilot I met at the 2009 Maker Faire (with other pilots concurring) we watched "Strategic Air Command" (1955) on in June of 2009.  The following is a "copy" of email I sent out at the time


The quality was acceptable, but of course nowhere near what the orginal VistaVision should produce.

The movie stars B-36 (and co-stars B-47) (первым делом самолёты). It made me appreciate B-36 much more then I ever did.  Before, I thought of it as an ugly hodge-podge made for no good reason. Now I appreciate that it was simply pushing the absolute limits of technology at the time.

B-36 started SAC as we know it i.e. intercontinental thermonuclear.

If Britain lost the war, it would be B-36 who would be delivering the nukes.

Other things I learned or recalled from

1. It could fly for 50 hours.
2. In the reconnaissance config, it had a ceiling of 47000 ft, and flew over USSR until U-2 was deployed, .
3. ANP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_Nuclear_Propulsion) used a modified B-36.


"Because I could not stop for Death (712)" by Emily Dickinson
"Because I could not stop for Death (712)" by Emily Dickinson
Date of creation unknown. First published in 1890, 4 years after her death.

Translation by Marianna Dizik  Jan 2012:

Я встречи с нею не искал,
Но смерть меня нашла.
Остановилась у дверей,
И руку подала.

Ну что ж, я сел в кабриолет.
Был плавен его бег.
И мы помчались за закат,
И вот уж свет померк.

Навек остались позади
Проказы школяров,
Шум леса, золото полей,
И звон колоколов.

Жизнь промелькнула предо мной,
Блистая и маня,
Но быстро мчит кабриолет,
И вечность ждёт меня.

Other good translation is by Алексей Гришин, журнал "Вестник" от 20 февраля 1996 г.

Try finding another good one:


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