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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Oleg jumprope (скакалка). Rare archival footage 2011-05-07 12:30pm PJCC by popular demand.
Oleg jumprope (скакалка). Rare archival footage 2011-05-07 12:30pm PJCC by popular demand.


Popcorn versions used:

00:00 Hot Butter (2:33) Hot Butter- Popcorn Song
02:33 Elektrik Cokernut (Ну, погоди!) (2:36) Elektrik Cokernut - Popcorn (Ну, погоди! )
05:06 Jean Michel Jarre (3:54) Jean Michel Jarre - Popcorn
09:00 Crazy Frog  (3:10) Crazy Frog - Popcorn (BEST QUALITY) 
12:10  Koruption (3:41) Popcorn - Koruption 


I am not aware of any practical limit of how long I can do it. This video length is the maximum which could be uploaded to youtube at the time.
Compared to how little girls do it, the actual jumping is done differently.


Гарри Гаррисон "Неукротимая планета", перевод: Лев Львович Жданов, Библиотека современной фантастики. Том 24 (1972)
Гарри Гаррисон "Неукротимая планета", перевод: Лев Львович Жданов, Библиотека современной фантастики. Том 24 (1972)
«Бывший борец», – подумал Язон, глядя на вошедшего в номер седого богатыря. Так вот он какой, Керк Пирр. Не человек – скала, сплошные литые мышцы. [...] К правому предплечью пристегнута шершавая потертая кобура, из которой холодно смотрело дуло пистолета.
– А у вас недурной пистолет, – сказал Язон. – Да только вид пистолетов действует мне на нервы. Я буду вам признателен, если вы его снимете.
Керк хмуро скосился на кобуру, как будто только сейчас ее заметил.
– Я никогда его не снимаю, – буркнул он с оттенком недовольства.
[...] Язон наклонился вперед, чтобы поставить стакан на стол, в это же время его правая рука как бы невзначай очутилась под подушкой. Пальцы нащупали рукоятку пистолета.
– Боюсь, что я буду вынужден настоять на своем. А то мне всегда как-то не по себе в обществе вооруженных людей.
Говоря это, Язон выхватил свой пистолет. Его рука двигалась мягко и быстро.
С таким же успехом он мог изображать замедленное кино. Керк Пирр стоял будто монолит, глядя, как пистолет появляется из-под подушки и поворачивается в его сторону. Он оставался безучастным до последней секунды. Но дальше он действовал молниеносно. Только что его пистолет был в кобуре – и вот уже смотрит прямо в лоб Язону. Тяжелое, грозное оружие, дуло рябое от частого пользования. Язон понимал, что ему не жить, если он поднимет свой пистолет еще хоть на дюйм. И он осторожно опустил руку, браня себя за то, что дал порыву взять верх над рассудком. Керк вернул свое оружие в кобуру так же играючи, как выхватил его.
– Ну, хватит шутки шутить, – сказал Керк. – Займемся делом.
Harry Harrison "Deathworld" 1960

A retired wrestler. That was Jason's first thought. Kerk Pyrrus was a gray-haired rock of a man. His body seemingly chiseled out of flat slabs of muscle. Then Jason saw the gun strapped to the inside of the other man's forearm, and he let his fingers drop casually behind the pillow.

"I'd appreciate it," Jason said, "if you'd take off your gun while you're in here." The other man stopped and scowled down at the gun as if he was seeing it for the first time.

"No, I never take it off." He seemed mildly annoyed by the suggestion.

Jason had his fingers on his own gun when he said, "I'm afraid I'll have to insist. I always feel a little uncomfortable around people who wear guns." He kept talking to distract attention while he pulled out his gun. Fast and smooth.

He could have been moving in slow motion for all the difference it made. Kerk Pyrrus stood rock still while the gun came out, while it swung in his direction. Not until the very last instant did he act. When he did, the motion wasn't visible. First his gun was in the arm holster—then it was aimed between Jason's eyes. It was an ugly, heavy weapon with a pitted front orifice that showed plenty of use.

And Jason knew if he swung his own weapon up a fraction of an inch more he would be dead. He dropped his arm carefully and Kerk flipped his own gun back in the holster with the same ease he had drawn it.

"Now," the stranger said, "if we're through playing, let's get down to business. I have a proposition for you."


Project Orion was a 10,000 tons spacecraft, with 6,000 tons payload, propelled by explosions of 8000 0.33kt fission...
Project Orion was a 10,000 tons spacecraft, with 6,000 tons payload, propelled by explosions of 8000 0.33kt fission bombs behind the craft one bomb per second. By increasing bomb yield, payload could be increased to 8,000,000 tons with 1958 technology. Exhaust velocity is 20-30 km/s, Isp=1,500. Twice that with directional.

By switching to 300,000 deuterium fusion 1Mt bombs (weighing 1 ton each), the payload mass would be 100,000 tons, and velocity 10,000 km/s (0.03c) (1 g for 10 days). Exhaust velocity ~30,000 km/s (0.1c). Isp=1,500,000.

First proposal was made by Stanislaw Ulam in 1946, and preliminary calculations were made by F. Reines and Ulam in a Los Alamos in 1947. The actual project, initiated in 1958, was led by Ted Taylor at General Atomics and physicist Freeman Dyson, who at Taylor's request took a year away from the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, US to work on the project. The Atmospheric/Space Test Ban Treaty of 1963 have ended the project.


"To Mars by A-Bomb: The Secret History of Project Orion" BBC (2003), with footage of flying tests (42:40 mark) and comments by Arthur Clarke and Freeman Dyson.
To Mars By A-Bomb - The Secret History of Project Orion - BBC - Nuclear Propulsion - (FULL)

"Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship" By George Dyson (2003), son of Freeman Dyson.

Orion's Isp is acceleration-limited, especially...
For manned systems, the crew are often the limiting factor.  The achievable delta-V is roughly n*sqrt(d*a), where n is number of bombs, d is shock-absorber stroke distance, and a is maximum tolerable acceleration

Project Orion: A Re-Imagining
Project Orion: A Re-Imagining
Soundtrack: "Woad to Ruin" by Hans Zimmer from "King Arthur" (2004)
Woad to Ruin - Hans Zimmer (King Arthur OST) HDHQ

Mission to Mars: Orion nuclear propulsion:
Mission to Mars: Orion nuclear propulsion - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
Soundtrack: Holst "The Planets, 1. Mars, The Bringer Of War"


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