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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Jamal Khashogji | Palestine, the occupation and the resistance for beginners (July 19, 2014) | Al Hayat
Jamal Khashogji | Palestine, the occupation and the resistance for beginners (July 19, 2014) | Al Hayat
Israel does not need [...] to convince [Arabs] of its right to exist in their midst. It knows that its existence is outside the context of history and logic and that it came into being by force, it will live by force and it will die by force.
much-maligned Hamas.
Arab intellectuals and writers incomprehensibly, have been attacking the notion of resistance in the ongoing Israeli war against the Palestinians in Gaza. [...] Regrettably, the number of such intellectuals here in Saudi Arabia is higher than average. If such a trend continues it will destroy the kingdom’s honourable claim to support and defend the Palestinian cause since the time of its founder, King Abd Al-Aziz Al-Saud. We are only rivalled in this by the Egyptians, although they should not be taken too seriously
bedevilling the victim [Hamas] by calling him a terrorist who refuses to recognise the right of a ‘Jewish state’ to exist.”


Kelli O'Hara performing "They Don't Let You in the Opera (If You're A Country Star)" [OZ:she never sang country]...
Kelli O'Hara performing "They Don't Let You in the Opera (If You're A Country Star)" [OZ:she never sang country] live for "From Broadway with Love: A Benefit Concert for Orlando" at the Disney Theatre at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, July 25th, 2016. Michael J Moritz Jr - Conductor for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. The song was written by Dan Lipton & David Rossmer and arranged specially for the Orlando Philharmonic.
Now, I was born down in Georgia
But Georgia wasn't good enough for me
I'd sing country songs for them
But my heart sang La Bohème
And it didn't help we moved to Tennessee
Nashville's not the place you sing high C

If you wanna sing at all
You best sing country
So I picked up how to do it pretty fast
Be a country star or go
In the sticks them hicks don't know
Verdi's Rigoletto from their ass
So a country star's how I came to pass

But I'll sing opera one day
"It's like Opry with an a"
I told my agent in his fancy car
And it pained him I could tell
When he said, "no chance in hell
They don't let you in the opera
If you're a country star"
"Is it the way I say oblighetto?"

So I took that country singing job and shoved it
And I headed to The Met at NYC
I know that stage is hard to reach
But Domingo likes a peach
You should hear that tenor voice sing rockabilly
Now I'm trying out for The Barber of Seville.

When a voice booms from the house
"From those tassels on your blouse
I can tell you've got a twang and play guitar
I bet they loved you in the South
But please, don't open your mouth
We can't let you in the opera
If you're a country star
'Cause no patron trusts an opera
In the hands of a country star"

Do you think I can't wail
'Cause I got long pink fingernails?
I had to play more country songs
Just to stay afloat
Though Aida's my role
I'm in a southern pigeon hole
I sing like Maria Callas
But no one's heard a note

'Till I charmed an old blowhard
Who owns half of Juilliard
Said my singing was so beautiful he cried
And I felt my heartbeat hop
Then I heard his heartbeat stop
He said, "welcome to the opera"
And then the bastard died.

Well, time went by, I gave up on the opera
Grabbed a man, got ready for a kid
Though La Scala never called
My ears still get enthralled
When I hear a great soprano blow her lid
So head up to the opera house I did

But as vibratos start to shake
I feel my water break
I'd never even make it down the aisle
If you'd have been there you'd have seen
In that second mezzanine
First a head, then two feet
From my ninety dollar seat
As I lifted up my gown
To the Dr. Toravelle
It hurts like hell

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God
Does that squish the baby?
How can it breathe?
Contraction! Contraction!
Contraction! Contraction!
My God, I paid so much for Dr. Chung
And now this.

Ow! You son of a bitch!
No, thank you, I mean it
You [?]!
Contraction! Contraction!
Yes! I feel that!

I'm pushing
I'm pushing
Oh my God, oh my God
It's like pushing a watermelon
Through a hole the size of a lemon

Aha! Aha! Aha!
What? Well, it better be a boy!

I'm so sorry about your dress!

Well, now, to my surprise
Those patrons had tears in their eyes
The New York Times review
Even raved I was all that
Found the headline bizarre
"Opera gives birth to a new star
When she was done, what fun
And a newborn in her lap"
Then the head of the trustees board
Said, "before you cut the cord
Here's an agent, a contract and some caviar
You'll start right away, my dear
We have daycare, please sign here"
Been my dream since I sang country
Now I'm an opera star

(Baby cries)

Shh, shh!
But you were the best part of the opera by far
Now a crib ain't where you're needing pearls of wisdom
But listen up before you've cried a word
When you hear no, don't get upset
It means yes, but just not yet
Fight the most when folks say you're absurd
In the end, I believe we all get heard

But if I may suggest one rule
Before I'm no longer cool
What you do ain't always who you are
So if you find your heart is set
On both Memphis and The Met
And they force you to choose
Don't run off and sing the blues
Bet your ass you can sing opera
If you're a country– that's a C
Star! Hey!


ELO | "Ticket To The Moon" | album "Time" (1981)
ELO | "Ticket To The Moon" | album "Time" (1981)
Remember the good old 1980s?
When things were so uncomplicated?
I wish I could go back there again
And everything could be the same.

I've got a ticket to the moon
I'll be leaving here any day soon
Yeah, I've got a ticket to the moon
But I'd rather see the sunrise in your eyes.

Got a ticket to the moon
I'll be rising high above the Earth so soon
And the tears I cry might turn into the rain
That gently falls upon your window
You'll never know.

Fly, fly through a troubled sky
Up to a new world shining bright, oh, oh.

Flying high above
Soaring madly through the mysteries that come
Wondering sadly if the ways that led me here
Could turn around and I would see you there
Standing there (and I would see you there, waiting...)

Ticket to the moon
Flight leaves here today from Satellite Two
As the minutes go by, what should I do?
I paid the fare, what more can I say?
It's just one way (only one way)...


ELO | "Here Is The News" | album "Time" (1981)
ELO | "Here Is The News" | album "Time" (1981)
Here is the news
Coming to you every hour on the hour
(Here is the news)
The weather's fine but there may be a meteor shower.

Here is the news
A cure's been found for good old rocket lag
(Here is the news)
Someone left their life behind in a plastic bag.

("Spaceworkers dispute in London today.
A lightning strike by air shuttle officers
led to over 2,000 passengers being held up
for up to 10 hours to board flights...")

("Ten Eurotechnicians were today sentenced
by the justice computer to be banished for life
to the prison satellite Penal One...")

Here is the news
Another action filled adventure
(Here is the news)
All the worst from the world convention.

("... shares of Roboko Development are now climbing...")
("... a very great friend of mine...")
("... our regular scheduled programs...")
("... the latest report from the people down there...")
("... a tiny little detail...")
("... I'd like to say hello to everybody...")

Here is the news
I wanna go home, I want my baby back
(Here is the news)
I wanna go back!

Here is the news
Somebody has broken out of Satellite Two
(Here is the news....)
Look very carefully, it may be you, you, you, you...

("... the energy counsel today announced...")
("... the archbishop is waving to the crowds...")
("... the World Broadcasting Authority today announced...")
("... I think that's going to be alright, you'll have to wait & see...")
("... I'll call you back later...")



ELO | "Yours Truly, 2095" | album "Time" (1981)
ELO | "Yours Truly, 2095" | album "Time" (1981)
2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly...

I sent a message to another time
But as the days unwind, this I just can't believe
I sent a note across another plane
Maybe it's all a game, but this I just can't conceive.

Can you hear me?

I drive the very latest hovercar
I don't know where you are
But I miss you so much till then
I met someone who looks a lot like you
She does the things you do
But she is an IBM.

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly...

She's only programmed to be very nice
But she's as cold as ice
Whenever I get too near
She tells me that she likes me very much
But when I try to touch
She makes it all too clear.

She is the latest in technology
Almost mythology
But she has a heart stone
She has an I.Q. of 1001
She has a jumpsuit on
And she's also a telephone.

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly...

Is that what you want? (Is it what you want?)
Is it what you really want? (Is it what you really want?)
Is that what you want? (Is it what you want?)
Is it what you really want?

I realize that it must seem so strange
That time has rearranged
But time has the final word
She knows I think of you, she reads my mind
She tries to be unkind
She knows nothing of our world

Although her memory banks overflow
No one would ever know
For all she says: "Is that what you want?"
Maybe one day I'll feel her cold embrace
And kiss her interface
'Til then, I'll leave her alone.

I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly...

"Is that what you want?"


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