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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
When meeting with Alex Richter last time, he was all excited about some comet.
When meeting with Alex Richter last time, he was all excited about some comet.
- "Oh, look", he was saying, "it's in Hercules, mag +7 already!"
I had to explain to him that, although, of course, we'd take a look, we just can't get all that excited, because

После Кометы Якутаке,
Остальные нам до сраки.

Hyakutake was the best,
We don't care for the rest.


It was March of 1996. We borrowed a 10" Dobsonian telescope from the PennState Astronomy Club, where were were members, and drove into the forest meadow we favored for stargazing . It was cold, everything covered with snow. The comet was mag 0, coma was 2 degrees, with 90 degree tail. It was moving so rapidly that it covered the diameter of the moon in 30 min (that's 2x faster then the moon itself). It was easy to see the comet flying against the background stars into our 10" telescope. It is coming back in 70000 years.

Sorry, Alex, we are just hopelessly spoiled.

O Кометe Якутаке
(Остальные нам до сраки).

Были молоды мы, в браке,
Прозябали мы в бараке.
Жизнь поставила нас раком:
Нету денег на Монако.

Что грустить нам, горько плакать,
Проклинать судьбину-бяку?
В лес пойдём мы, как макаки,
Тёмной ночью, в полумраке,
Мы заляжем там в овраге,
Как свинюки, то есть хряки.

Про погоду не варнякать!
И не хрюкать!
И не крякать!
Только туч бы не накаркать!
- Эй, Марьяха!
- Бляха-муха! - Глянь, Комета!
- Ну, собака!
- Якутака!


Extra dimensions found!
Extra dimensions found!

Those superluminal neutrinos may be going through extra dimensions on a part of their path, as "predicted" by the string theory, since it predicts everything and nothing. However, those extra dimensions were always right in front of my own nose.

Take Alistair Overeem. He is a super heavyweight MMA (ББП - Бои Без Правил) champion of the world, who once sent 5 bouncers into a hospital. He is my hero. They started it. 9 bouncers jumped his older but smaller brother, крошка Valentin who is 6'3" (191cm) 235lb , and hit him in the face with a flashlight.


He is 6'6" (195 cm) 280 lb (120 kg). I am 5'9" (174 cm), 150 lb (70 kg). In 8th grade, we've been taught that mass grows as cube of the size. (195/174)^3 = 1.4. Me scaled to Overeem's size would be 150 * 1.4 = 210 lb. Doesn't check out. For me to be a mini-Overeem, I'd have to be 280lb / 1.4 = 200lb (90 kg) of solid muscle. Patently absurd.


The only way to reconcile it, is with extra spatial dimensions. 5 to be exact. (195/174)^5 = 1.8. His pecs must be sticking into the 4th dimension, and his biceps into the 5th. With 6 dimensions, he'd collapse into a black hole.

Other fun comparisons of Alistair Overeem vs Oleg Zabluda:

Deadlift: Overeem: 700lb, Oleg 285 lb
Lunge with dumbbells: Overeem: 500 lb each, Oleg: 50 lb each
Sprint with dumbbells: Overeem 260 lb in each hand, Oleg: lucky to be able to run at all
Oleg: can deadlift or squat Overeem's weight.
Overeem: could punch Oleg into the 6th dimension.


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