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Friday, July 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011:
Jul 29, 2011:
I bench press 185 lb (84 kg). That's 45+25 lb on each side of the barbell. It's over half (!) of the world record in 1916. My next natural milestone is 45+35 lb on each side (205 lb = 93 kg), which will be over half (!) of the world record in 1950. That'll take a while. That guy was superheavyweight (90+ kg). I weight 68 kg.


Update Sept 29, 2011:
Now can do 1x3x185lb (1 set of 3 repetitions). Waiting for 3 sets of 6x185 before increasing weight. My newly tested formula of DOMS is 1x3x185+2x4x175+2x4x165+1x8x135

Update Feb 22, 2012:
Could never get to 3x6x185. Plateaued at 3x4x185, and my One Repetition Maximum (1RM) plateaued as well. To break through, I dropped weight to 175lb and trying to get to 3x8x175. Today I did
3x6x175+2x6x165+2x8x155+2x8x135 (only first term is important)

Update May 1. 2012 (International Day of Labor) I did

Update: May 9, 2012 (Victory Day)
3x7x175+7x165+7x155+7x145+7x135 (only first term is important)

Update: May 23, 2012:
3x8x175+1x8x165+1x9x155+1x9x145+1x9x135 (only 1st term important)
This is the first time I did 3x8x175. Woo-hoo! If I can reliably do it a couple more times, I'll increase the weight, and go for 3x6x185, increasing it to 3x6x185. The 1RM formulas from the wikipedia article above predict my current 1RM=210-220 lb. I seriously doubt it, but 3x(6-8)x185 would be a serious breakthrough towards my goal of 205 lb.

Update: Jun 13, 2012:
3x6x185+1x7x175+1x7x165+1x7x155+1x7x135 (only 1st term important)
For 1 month could not repeat 3x8x175, getting plateauded at 8-8-7. Decided to increase weight anyway, and success!. 

Update: Jun 20, 2012:
3x7x185+1x7x175+1x7x165+1x7x155+1x7x135 (only 1st term important)
Again success! Very rapid progress. Will go for 3x8x185 next time (very doubtful)

Update Aug 20, 2012 (new gym)

One Repetition Maximum (1RM) formulas predict my current record to be 185*(7/30+1) = 228 lb. I seriously doubt it. But I may be already able to bench 205 lb (= 93 kg), which is 2-й юношеский разряд по пауерлифтингу, and over half (!) of the world record in 1950 in my weight class, although I am about to move to the next weigh class (>75kg).

Update Jul 17, 2013: 

Update Jul 25, 2013:

205 lb (= 93 kg), is easily 1-й юношеский разряд по пауерлифтингу (187 lbs=85 kg). 2-й взрослый разряд is 215 lbs=97.5 kg, which I should be able to do. Move to the next weight class (>75 kg) is postponed. Right now I am 72 kg.

Update July 31, 2013:
Surreal to press 185 so far down the reverse pyramid.

Update Aug 14, 2013:

Разрядные нормативы по жиму штанги лежа:

One Repetition Maximum (1RM) formulas predict my current record to be 217-229 lbs:  





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