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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
So last week while I was traveling, a gaping hole to hell suddenly erupted in our driveway.
Originally shared by Linus Torvalds

So last week while I was traveling, a gaping hole to hell suddenly erupted in our driveway. Perfectly fine driveway one day, gaping sinkhole opening up the next.

Admittedly it's only about two inches across, so it is with mild interest, but not a lot of fear, that I await the coming of the demon hordes.

The alternate explanation is that the moles just decided that our lawn just wasn't challenging enough.

I'd post pictures, but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to make a hole in your asphalt driveway look the least bit interesting.


Marianna Dizik

Marianna Dizik

Originally shared by Igor Krivokon

It takes just 10 minutes to walk from my office to the Shoreline Park in Mountain View. It's a nice place, huge open space, and really nice scenery any time, day or night.


Shoreline Park, Mountain View, California


Easter eggs in the Lem doodle (spoilers!) – www.google.pl?hl=en:

Originally shared by Marcin Wichary

Easter eggs in the Lem doodle (spoilers!) – www.google.pl?hl=en:

· The brick that falls out from the first robot when it explodes is a brick drawn by Lem himself. (Everything else is drawn from scratch by Sophia Foster-Dimino inspired by the style of Daniel Mróz.)

· The wave in the second level spells something in binary/ASCII.

· Some of the eyes of the monster (Pugg) in the second level will follow your mouse – unless, of course, you are on a tablet (I agonized a lot about it. Eyes following a mouse pointer is such a cliché.)

· Clicking on the bird makes it fly elsewhere (if it’s allowed at that moment).

· Clicking on the cat will make it go away. It will eventually go away on its own, but hey, you didn’t really expect to be able to control a cat, right?

· After some time of inactivity, the bird might sit on your mouse pointer.

· In the second level, you can see an actual Polish scientific satellite LEM flying in the background.

· If you finish the doodle twice, at the third time you will see something extra in the finale, based on another story we didn’t have time to squeeze into the doodle.

· There are different N items depending on how many times you played the game, and which language you’re using.

And below you will find various iterations of the first robot UI:


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