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Friday, October 21, 2011
Igudesman & Yoo

Igudesman & Yoo


Via Alexander Saveliev
Via Alexander Saveliev

(edited by me)

Let it be! - Давайте есть пчел!
To be or not to be - Две пчелы или не две пчелы
I'm just asking - Я всего лишь король задниц
Manicure - Деньги лечат
I've just saw your balance sheet - Видел я ваш баланс. Говно.
Bye bye baby, baby good bye - Купи купи ребенка, ребенок хорошая покупка
I'm going to make you mine - Я иду копать тебе шахту
I saw my honey today - Я пилил мой мед сегодня
Press space bar to continue - Космический бар прессы продолжает
I have been there - У меня там фасоль
You feel alright - Ты всех чувствуешь справа
Just in case - Только в портфеле
Good products - Бог на стороне уток
Watch out! - Посмотри наружy!
Custom model - таможенная модель
We are the champions - Мы шампиньоны
Oh, dear - Ох, олень.
I know his story well - Я знаю исторический колодец
Don't make me blue - не делай меня голубым.

А теперь дискотека.
Modern Talking - Don´t Make Me Blue


We love Blackberries.
We love Blackberries. Especially straight from the bush. There are a lot of blackberry bushes in SFBA. You saw some of them in first three pictures of the album
20110918_SanBrunoMountain | 112065430692128821190

When we find a blackberry bush, we do 3 things
1. Eat all the blackberries
2. Record GPS coordinates with waypoint names like "blackberry1, blackberry2, ..."
3. Never ever tell anyone the coordinates. That's why photos above are in an undisclosed location and not geotagged, as usual.

One of the biggest bushes we saw, was at Lake Shasta. Locals don't eat them, telling Marianna Dizik
- "Don't eat it, only bears do".
- "Перебьются", - she explained, stuffing her face with blackberries, - "Let them eat acorns".

Anyway, the San Bruno Mountain bush was quite large. The two of us had to really stomp through it. Two against one bush was fair, because the two of us together are 260 lb, almost equal to a small black bear. Of course, it meant lots of scratches:
20110920_Blackberry_Scratches | 112065430692128821190

Lots of our friends have backyards. We encourage them to plant blackberry bushes. You can protect them from bears with a big fence. But the only reliable way to protect anything from humans, say guests like us, is armed patrols. Second amendment. The right to bear arms. Better yet, organize patrols of armed bears. The right to arm bears. Кто что охраняет, тот то и имеет. See also



Geocache (Геоныка) "San Bruno Mountain", hidden by us on 2001-05-19...
Geocache (Геоныка) "San Bruno Mountain", hidden by us on 2001-05-19 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=15be7361-1bfe-40b7-8f88-771365d8e06d
As of now, 222 people logged visits to it. Everybody loves it. It's a classic 3-letter (i.e. very early) one. The photos below are made, when we visited the cache a year later (I didn't have a camera yet on 2001-05-19).

Our most recent visit to the cache, 10 years after (10 лет спустя) 2011-09-18

Photos from 2002-03-31:
20020331_SanBrunoMountain | 112065430692128821190


Marianna Dizik was going to Florida for 1 week long JSM (Joint Statistical Meeting) where she was a session chair.
Marianna Dizik was going to Florida for 1 week long JSM (Joint Statistical Meeting) where she was a session chair. Her employer confiscated her previous IBM laptop with Windows, which was built like a tank, and gave her a choice of Apple MacBook or Linux. Since she was using Linux since 1993 (4 years before she ever saw Windows for the first time) she chose MacBook to check for herself this "best hardware and the most intuitive software ever made".

Big mistake. Software stinks, and stupid Apple hardware kept breaking and breaking, eventually rendering both keyboard and the trackpad inoperable. It happened 3 weeks before her trip, which her whole IT department spent trying to either fix it. That failed. They ordered 2 new laptops. Both came broken. So she had to use USB keyboard (in her left hand) and a USB mouse (in her mouth). That's how she was working on the road (airports, airplanes, etc...) and the whole week at the conference.

Unlike normal non-Apple laptops, which come covered with USB ports all over, Apple has only 2 USB ports (can't mar the beautiful design), which are now taken by the keyboard and mouse. Both are on the left-hand side, so the USB cables are always tangled, get in a way and prevent the mouse from moving. If you think that's because Mac is made for left-handed people, think again. She is left-handed.

In order to login with a USB dongle, she now has to unplug mouse, plug the dongle, wait for login, unplug the dongle, replug the mouse, click OK.

Thank you Apple за наше счастливое детство!

20110809_Marianna_Laptop | 112065430692128821190


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