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Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Current crop of PEM Fuel Cells couldn't successfully compete with constantly improving Li-ion battery...
Current crop of PEM Fuel Cells couldn't successfully compete with constantly improving Li-ion battery for terrestrial applications, due to being too  picky about the fuel. 

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are better, because it's the oxygen that goes through to the fuel, so fuel can contain not only Hydrogen, but whatever oxidizes, and it runs at high temperatures (600-1000 C), so the fuel can be converted to gas (reformed) right on the cathode.

Moreover, a company called Lilliputian Systems came up with a way to integrate such a fuel cell right on a CMOS wafer, and announced an investment and manufacturing deal with Intel in Nov 2010

They claim that due to much higher temperature, they can use any hydrocarbon fuels, including garbage, just like Mr. Fusion in the "Back to the Future" (it's just burning in atmospheric O2 after all).

This explains why Bender, while being able to work on anything, simply prefers ethanol.


Ironically, the same IEEE Spectrum declared it a loser in Jan 2008:
Loser: Another Fuel-Cell Charger Flunks
Fuel cells look great on paper, but who wants to run a laptop off one?



"She [Frickin'] Blocked Me" aka "Internet Love Song" (2004) was written and performed by parodist Bob Ricci.
"She [Frickin'] Blocked Me" aka "Internet Love Song" (2004) was written and performed by parodist Bob Ricci. The Flash Video is by Samb, his German fan.
Internet Love Song (She Blocked Me) Flash Video

At least in the floppy diskettes era, the girls were real [1]

The song is a parody on
Puddle Of Mudd - "She [Fucking] Hates Me" written 1993, released 2002
Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me

written by Jimmy Allen, the former lead guitarist for "Puddle of Mudd", when his girlfriend told him to stop with his musical career and get a real job, and dumped him. It was before band hit it big and before they were signed. To make the song more TV friendly the title was changed and the bad words were bleeped out. The album insert has a photocopy of each song's original hand written lyrics, with all the goodies.

The song was number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 (in 2002-2003, before the parody was made [2]) and sold over 500,000 copies in the US. It was 2nd most-popular song by the group. Whatever works Muse-wise.


[1] https://plus.google.com/112065430692128821190/posts/EzRAmZSd74E

[2] Parodies are almost never made of songs not-[yet]-popular


Tango композитора Александра Зацепина:
Tango композитора Александра Зацепина:

Танго из м/ф "Ну, погоди - выпуск 2" (1970)
исп. оркестр п/у Г. Гараняна (1934-2010)
Ну, погоди! - Все серии ( серии 1 - 8 )

Танго "Помоги мне" из к/ф "Бриллиантовая рука" (1968)
Тексты песен: Леонид Дербенёв (1931-1995)
исп. Аида Семёновна Ведищева (Ида Соломоновна Вайс)
Бриллиантовая рука / The Diamond Arm

Танго "Где среди пампасов" из к/ф "12 стульев (1971)
исп. Валерий Золотухин
Двенадцать стульев 1 серия / The Twelve Chairs film 1
Валерий Золотухин Жестокое танго

"Ледяное танго" из к/ф "Красная палатка" (1969) — исп. Симфонический оркестр Большого театра п/у Ю. Реентовича и Государственный оркестр кинематографии СССР
Love scene from The Red Tent - Красная палатка (1969)


Tango из к/ф "12 стульев" (1976)
Tango из к/ф "12 стульев" (1976)
музыка - Геннадий Гладков
слова - Юлий Ким 
поёт - Андрей Миронов (1941 - 1987)

"Жестокое танго (part 1)"
Из к/ф "Двенадцать стульев" 
Андрей Миронов - Песни из "12 стульев" Часть 1-я

"Жестокое танго (part 2) - Прощание с любимой"
Жестокое танго 2 - Прощание с любимой
Андрей Миронов - Песни из "12 стульев" Часть 2-я

Танго "Белеет мой парус" из к/ф "12 стульев" (1976) 
Белеет мой парус (12 стульев)
Андрей Миронов - Песни из "12 стульев" Часть 2-я

Танго "Рио"
Андрей Миронов - Песни из "12 стульев" Часть 1-я


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