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Monday, November 14, 2016
Reports from sources close to Combat Aircraft confirm that a Russian Navy Mikoyan MiG-29KR/KUBR naval fighter crashed in the Mediterranean during operations from the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov yesterday afternoon, November 13.

The aircraft apparently came down close to the carrier on its return from a mission flown over Syria. Wreckage of the aircraft has been recovered, and the pilot was picked up by a Russian Navy search and rescue helicopter. There is currently no confirmation regarding his condition.

Initial indications are that the aircraft was a two-seat MiG-29KUBR version. Operated by the 100th Independent Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment, a total of four MiG-29KR/KUBRs were understood to be on board the carrier.
The deployment of the carrier to the eastern Mediterranean is expected to allow Russian Navy Aviation to evaluate and test its recently delivered MiG-29KR/KUBR multi-role fighters, as well as its newly modernized Sukhoi Su-33 shipborne fighters.
Full details of the Admiral Kuznetsov deployment and the embarked air group will appear in the January issue of Combat Aircraft. [OZ: we, in USA, get it in February]


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