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Wednesday, July 04, 2012
Tango "Утомлённое солнце" (1936), most known to some people from the movie "Утомлённые солнцем/Burnt by the Sun"...
Tango "Утомлённое солнце" (1936), most known to some people from the movie "Утомлённые солнцем/Burnt by the Sun" (1994).

It originated from Polish tango "This is the Last Sunday" (1935) by Jerzy Petersburski (1895–1979) with lyrics by Zenon Friedwald (born 1906 in Lviv , died 1976 in Tel Aviv) describing the final meeting of former lovers who broke up, and gained the nickname of Suicide Tango, regarded as the perfect background music for shooting oneself in the head.

In 1936-1938 at least 3 different Russian version of lyrics were performed by various artists, and was used in a number of films, including:

Михаил Калик "До свидания, мальчики!" (1964)
Леонид Гайдай "Не может быть!" (1975)
Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky's "Siberiade" (1979)
Yuriy Norshteyn's "Tale of Tales" (1979)
:: tango in movies : Tale of Tales : Yuri Norstein (1979) ::
Юрий Кара "Завтра была война" (1987)
Efraim Sevela's "Parrot that spoke Yiddish" (1990),
Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" (1993),
Krzysztof Kieślowski's "Three Colors: White" (1994),
Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun" (1994)
Burnt by the Sun/ Utomlyonnye solntsem

Marian Demar, Jerzy Gert orchestra (1936)
Stare polskie tango: "To ostatnia niedziela" - (1/5) Marian Demar !

M.Fogg - Chór Dana (1936)
Tango "To ostatnia niedziela" - (2/5) M.Fogg - Chór Dana !
Mieczysław Fogg - Ostatnia niedziela, 1936

Листья падают с клёна (Leaves are falling of the maple-tree)
Riazanov Jazz Vocal Quartet, Moscow (1938).
Stare polskie tango w Rosji: "To ostatnia niedziela" - Riazanov Quartet !

Клавдия Шульженко - Песня о Юге (1936 или 1938)
Klavdia Shulzhenko, with piano, "Song about the South"
Stare polskie tango w Rosji: "To ostatnia niedziela" - Klavdia Shulzhenko !

Gidon Kremer (violin), Jerzy Petersburski (1895–1979), piano (Paris, 1995)
Tango "To ostatnia niedziela" - (5/5) Gidon Kremer !

Alexandr Cfasman (Александр Цфасман) (1906-1971) Orkestrа, Russian vocal refrain by Pavel Mihailov - Утомленное Солнце, Noginskij Zawod 1936
Polish tango in Soviet Russia - Utomlennoe solntse, 1936
Александра Цфасмана - Утомленное Солнце - Alexandr Cfasman - 1936



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