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Monday, July 09, 2012
"Ну, погоди!" ("Союзмультфильм", 1969-1986) is a classic Soviet cartoon, 16 episodes, 10 min each.
"Ну, погоди!" ("Союзмультфильм", 1969-1986) is a classic Soviet cartoon, 16 episodes, 10 min each. Technically, quite primitive by US standards, but good enough.

What makes it unique, though, is the music. 152 melodies and songs were taken from private collections of creators, and used without any attributions or even records. They cover tremendous range of styles, countries, and years. Each one is superb. Being included in the series is an authoritative stamp of quality. Some are [still]  known only due to inclusion in the series. 

People were trying to make a complete list of what exactly each tune is, and its performer, which turned out to be very hard. Even massive online collaboration, and searching studio archives was not enough.  Contacting musical editor of the series Alexander Goldstein, turned mostly wrong leads as he remembers almost nothing. The director Котёночкин (1927-2000), Hare voice Клара Румянова (1929-2004), and Wolf voice Анатолий Папанов (1922-1987), are all long dead.  

On Apr 22, 2003, on forum www.beatles.ru somebody asked this very question. It was prettu dormant till Feb 14, 2009 when a new user DM2, revived it with vengeance, accumulating 250 pages. The thread, basically, separated from the forum (having nothing to do with Beatles), and moderators stopped reading it, while participants never post into other threads. DM posts summaries about once every 2 years.

Last update: 04.06.2012

33 tunes (20%) are still unknown

For illustration: the very first melody from the very first episode, tentatively titles "Garbage Can" (под условным названием "Урна"), is not identified.
О ней на данный момент известно только то, что кроме "Ну,_погоди!" она использовалась в самых первых выпусках прогноза погоды в программе «Время» (ещё до «Манчестера-Ливерпуля» Франка Пурселя!), в сюжетах киножурнала «Фитиль» «Приехали-уехали» и «Люди и манекены», а также просто периодически звучала по радио «Маяк». Также эту мелодию процитировали: группа «Red Elvises», вставив её в Венгерский танец Брамса в саундтрек к буржуйскому фильму «Шестиструнный самурай», и литовский певец Эдмундас Кучинскас для песни «Огонёк счастья». Несмотря на всё это, НИКТО так и не знал ни автора, ни исполнителя, ни названия этой мелодии.


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