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Friday, June 29, 2012
Excellent collection of boy activities in USSR in 1980's-1990's.
Excellent collection of boy activities in USSR in 1980's-1990's.

Дети перестройки: чем мы себя развлекали

This brings back lots of memories. I am amazed at the near-identical details in geographically widely-separated areas. The difference almost entirely driven by the available stuff (материально-техническая база).

I am ashamed I didn't realize when I was 10, that it's better to cover carbide with a bucket, before pouring water and setting it on fire. 

One thing I never saw described online, is so-called "Змей Горыныч" (не путать с дымовухой (целлулоид/etc) или джинн (гидроперит+фиксаж)), so I can't exclude the possibility that it was unique for us, as unlikely as it sounds. I'll write it up, especially if I come up with a way to reproduce it.

The post, and the comments, keep referring to sticking low-voltage 2000 μF capacitor into 220v socket to have it explode. Now, that's just stupid. You stick 10 μF, 400v capacitor in there! Then you stick it you know where. Hint: it involves 2 Soviet-style pushpins (канцелярские кнопки)

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